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After Fools Die and God Lives, The Gym presents his third U.S. release. With the help of in-house producers Jim "ShotGun" Bilie, Charly "RickBeatz" Maganga and the infamous Michael "MikeMef" Mefane, The Long-Play was coherently conceived. LeXx Smith and Owoninho also added their flavors while providing the Gym with the ideas to track 10 "ALL OF IT". GHOST LP is a halfway between Fools Die and God Lives in terms of lyrics, coherence and sounds. It reunites both projects which are individually very different.


released June 25, 2012

Executive Producer : Mav “The Gym” Badinga for FRESHMAN MUSIC x 1UP
Art Direction: VOID
Mixing & Mastering: VOID
Management: 21ST PRJCT || 1UP



all rights reserved


BGMFK Libreville, Gabon

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Track Name: Coldest Season (Prod. by The Gym)
This one’s for my caps and gowns! Guess we all did it/ Bring some sprite with the lightflares/ we all faded/ rose for my young heir! We made it thru day/ we want a ticket to an island No carlito’s way/ I’m daydrea- min see my life pass in slow motion/ nice room with a nice girl and body lotion/ view over the ocean we partyin for days/ lookin at misery and tell her u can stand the gaze/ sick addiction for tattoos and bad broads/ back pools, playin cards and nice cars/ nice gowns, nice beaches and nice yachts/ swimmin in nice dimes food for my night thots/ I came to relax my crew is in the ‘lac with me/ part of my mind cruisin over the sky to see/ the pyramids and the monuments and this life’s charms/ can a man resist to beauty when mindblown?

It’ll be the Coldest Season... Money F#@%in Kills In the Building....

Peek a boo my Pair of shoes, see me leavin Co-Op/ fresh as for a photoshoot, the camera’s on my cohort/ and it better be Raw no HD I’m on fire / on the “barque of a million of years” u see me from afar / see my kingdom come, thou shall not hate/ u makin okay beats, my shit is oh so great/ mothf*ckas know my lines I know I’m they favorite/ headshot a2z told u that flow was benadrill/ who am I to say I’m better? I say it anyway/ if piss u off the consequence I’d do it anyday/ it’s gon be child abuse if I come at u/ we makin his- tory here so bring yo camera crew/ I came to relax my crew is in the ‘lac with me/ part of my mind cruisin over the sky to see/ the pyramids and the monuments and this life’s charms/ can a man resist to beauty when mindblown?
Track Name: Victory Lap (Prod. by Jim 'ShotGun' Bilie)
Champagne lightflares/ Love and roses cause I care,/ Tiffany is out with us for the backshots/ yeah I read it on’em blogs, call it snapbacks/ Its a Wild night, pink sprite GD kush/ ... I’m feeling like I need a flute/ a little zifandel we need a parachute/ VSoP or XO toast to the fluke/ Ur girls wanna be my now.. I’m like whatever / looking for my forever, building dreams and hopes together/ yeah I wish that u and I could get alone and just discuss it/ I could fly u out to DC oh no u miss independent/

U now runnin with the best ma |Young Ghost, wanna serve you What are u about? |I know ur last man did nothing right |I’m not tryina be him, u know my name is Mike/ She say she wanna run that last lap (That victory) Where her Celine bag at? | She say she wanna run that last lap (Give it to me) I wanna show you what’s Victory

McM bag, the Vest is chanel/ the eyes so fire it got me thinkin of Hell/ her face turn mahogany when I say she’s the Belle/ damn ma I wanna taaaste ur saint graal/ All I know is that I’m feel- ing numb/ and these pretty girls around me feel they all the one/ more than ever I def know shud be cautious/ man these girls turn from lovin into ferocious/ ur the one girl, I mean it/ I’m not the used to knew I’m something differ- ent/ everything I said was true in the moment/ but love’s never the plan he always come up unexpected/ happy belated/
Track Name: No Title (Prod. by The Gym)
I’m layin tracks during daytime, dimes late at night/ exes in the rearview, following the light/ yeah I’m mar- ried to this game, wedding day hear my vows/ somebody call in preacher, until death do us part/ I been in love with felines, plenty catwomen/ no halle berries, but we ended stormfightin/ f***in then we fussin bout the texts that I be gettin/ and the calls that I would get requirin the room to be quiet/ yeah friends brought me death, served it on the platter/ understood that love was gone its time to find the paper/ yet revenge is one the menu but its not a dish I crave / u did me wrong u gon pay way before u hit the grave/ I put it on my GOD, swear on El Sali (God of my strentgh) I’m sorry mrs double E, ur son is far gone, He/ need to walk his own path, mistakes and mixtapes/ life of a gambler heavy are the sweepstakes/ ooh I wished I wudabeen married now for U/ being a parent accompany to the church u goin to/ but I’m not, yes I failed, dad told me its just postponed/ what’s a man gotta do to right all the wrongs?/ and now this girl lookin upon me like I’m mr perfect/ feelin like Gray, hope my portrait never surface/ who is to be playin the role of Lord Henry?/ I never said my life a joke, but guess I need the laughin/ I swear I almost killed myself/ swim in deep waters with the jaws, pray for my health/ daughters on the way, cause of demons in my past/ who wudda thought it come this, the day u left I swear I spazzed/ everysingle time I play it backwards I’m missing something/ I know for fact that being public is all but resting/ yet I’m not plannin to stop now I lost all of my wealth/ and my welfare, well be- ing, well oh well/ this is my world, in this bitch I dwell/ ‘fore u make it in the heavens gotta plunge into the hells/ Lord is my Savior, Devil is a Liar/ mama knows best, never again I would deny her/ and my friends told me, no I aint got any so these posers fooled me/ into believin I was the best the first year/ lookin back I see they only wanted me to fail, or go to hell or in jail/ Ghost in the shell, saved by the bell/ Kubiak on these haters, u know I mean well/ I been bullied so it that time of payback/ I can eat’em all, they some sorta soft #playtex/
Track Name: Inception (Prod. by The Gym)
In the middle of the night/ I swear | I’m tryina dream, and then I see ur face/is it nightmare yeah? (He-He-He-He) | In the silence of the night/ I swear | I’m deep asleep, and then I hear ur voice/ is it a nightmare yeaah?

Is it that hard to just go?, I feel a breeze caress my skin/ the softest touch around my torso, feels like ur hair but its just the wind/

I’m tryna dream | Will u let me go? Inception / yeah | f**k u doin here?/ ho | Inception yeah | Is it a voodoo song?/ ho | Will you let me go? | Please let me go!/ yeah |Just let me go!/ oohh yeaahh | Ooooh

In the middle of the day, I swear | I’m tryina live, That’s the only time I feel safe (He He He He) | In the noise of the day, yeah its busy | That’s only time u aint there (He He He He)

Is it that hard to just go, I feel a breeze caress my skin/ the softest touch around my torso, feels like ur hair but its just the wind/


Of course I’m building a fortress | (And I don’t plan to see you again) | You aint gonna come up here | I forbid you / oooh / I forbid you | Yes I forbid you Behind the wall of my fortress | (Oohh I don’t plan to see you again) | Oh I forbid you, oooh I forbid you | Yes I forbid you
Track Name: Blown [I.D.G.A.F.] (Prod. by MikeMef)
I don’t play around, I like my bitches dirty/ dirty mouth, kitty clean when she put it on me/ I went marley on’her, put the plane out/ it’s a party it’s a party where the flame at?/where the judies bout? Gimme the green light/ I wanna trip off of dat ass, what u been work out?/ dat presidential got me coughin in the bottle/ and that girl ass flat say she ride it with no saddle/ I’mma get it in cause she all type of kinda fine/ imma crash if I hold it in her head is fine wine/ mr officer I thot it was drive by/ that’s why I been swervin on the curb, f**k a DUI/ and I dipped in her clothes/ up in the club/ waxed off to her toes, she downa Fuck/ DTF type o hoe, she say she like a pro/ she recognized my n*gga face and now she wanna go/

I don’t give f**k, I’m Blown | Ten rounds of that shit and I’m Gone (X2) | I’m Blown Voice: Hypnotiq, nuvo ciroc/ bottle of that rosé! Jack on the rocks/ my island is long as a block/ bottle of that xo! Patron on the rocks/

She say Micky Micky I just wanna f+ck/ if u don’t have any rubber u know I get down and suck/ we can do it in the car or the backrooom of the club/ I don’t see what would the problem be cause that chick is wassup / 1 for the show 2 for the limelight/ shawty say she disturbing my timeline/ but before we go she say need her quiet time/ shawty on that white line/ She wanna put my celly in her bold/ so in case i get cold, ringtone and its a go/ I’m down/ punani call when I’m outta town/ when I say I’m outta town, I mean my girl is not around/ her friend is tryna roll but she conceited/ actin like her being here is the keys to the city/ now let me tell u something/ the drink is not free, if u wanna be here gimme the keys to ur kitty now/

A hundred thousand feet up/ bitch I see no haters/ This here the shit that u wanted, U got it/ Chop a nigga down this here sci-fi we on it /
Track Name: Drippin Wet x Yung Malick (Prod. by The Gym)
I know she like it when I throw some hook on her Talk about’em curves Set my mind on her Then whatever it is that we doin when we do it U know she’s drippin wet, she thinkin bout the sex yeah

Screwed Voice
Hair long / thick thighs/ pretty face/ hazel eyes/ got a n*gga gone gone/ up twice away and fly/ [x2]

U may hate myself in morning but tonite I think I’m loving you/ lately we been overdistant, hate to feel I’m losing too/ I’m losing u to love, to life, to lust/ to everything we planned for, we sworn to, to trust And you wine wine wine Killa with the whine Your waist is on a diet Your ass is on a prime Your hips are on swole got me outta my mind Killa with the wine yeah killa with the wine
Track Name: Misunderstood (Prod. by The Gym)
Until I’m cold imma be the same/ f**k if they all think thaat I’ve changed/ yeah I’m young and misunderstood/ young black and misunderstood/ oh oh I’m tryna be man/ I’m trying the best I can/ through the fights they call me names/ saying that I will never be there/

Everytime I hear track like this I think about my nation and I gotta go in/ I’m talkin bout the black nation, negragation, no words to describe what I sing/ yeah I sing about life, rap about dreams, do I really look like ur everyday kid/ I kidd u not, they thot I was bad, they said I had no talent, heard’em say I was whack/ yeah heard’em say I was black and then they thot about white when I said I play keys/ f**k a hater gotta say that u normally listen to, in the end that’s really for u to keep?/ yurgh it’s only gossip, they want u to talk and be the messenger of dumb shit/ this here dumb shit, we at war with a format and I refuse to be the victim/

Until I’m cold imma be the same/ f**k if they all think thaat I’ve changed/ yeah I’m young and misunderstood/ young black and misunderstood/ oh oh I’m tryna be the man/ I’m trying the best I can/ through the fights they call me names/ saying that I will never be there/ Oh oh / Yeah hey through the fights they call me names/ saying that I will never be there/

Collateral damage I been since My 16’s/ brain gang money f***in kills my A-team/ and the public get to witness what we makin / look at here I’m a restless A-Lin [alien]/ 25 degreed and jobless/ working for free in this life this madness/ I know I been black since the day I was born/ prolly why I make music and I call it brainstorm/ that raw shit... Illegal music/ never seen on billboard, nigga I’m a banned kid/ yeah.. I’m feeling hurt Kobain/ this here my suicide note, anthrax and cocaine/ we been poisonned by realness/ yeah now real music is a sickness/ yeah they talkin supa dupa flows, but all I see is fans turnin supa dupa hoes/ Now here I go
Track Name: Ghost (Prod. by The Gym)
Buddha on a brown leaf, same for my coat and shoes/ gettin lifted everyday, the motto be a better youth/ so miss me with that bullshit, I bleed ink so suckers die/ everything is brand new, I’m done hanging, y’all niggas dry/ 5 years in, I done lost a ton a friends/ I done gained a lotta weight, dropped a few girls around the game/ guess I owe it the fame and all the snitching be my change/ had I known before going in, I’d jack off and never came/ seen my friend die along the way, on his way to work/ RIP to Mr D, hope u forgive me, been a jerk/ been hatin ass n*gga when I seen my n*ggas going up/ makin moves, cashin checks, yeah, In God we trust/ f**k it, I don’t wanna lose to Love/ if they call this shit crush It means there something wrong with us/ I don’t even know what’s good part from the sex that we be havin/ never loved her like I should, i want her back now she’s just frontin/

Told u I would kill it | Told u I was on fire | I was borna win u shud call young fighter | I know they gon feel it // Till the light just goes | Till the hooks stop flowin | And my life turn ghost yeah [x2] That’s the sh*t I’mma show’em | I’mma show’em until I’m Ghost

They say I shine a lot/ and the people that’s around gets too shining too feeling like I’m pandora’s box/ u don’t know whatchu gon get, but u gonna get some/ u don’t know where u gon end up live it up son/ yeah I know I’m darker than the hour/ so u better get to running cause the clock is like’em owls/ keep schemin in ya back while losing focus on’em foolish things/ life is gettin wild niggas on’em higher spleens/ now they on that smack, they wanna taste the blow/ but when u talkin jobs, they own degrees but there aint no mo/ thot school was the way to Go but its 100+ on the road to make it/ they say they proud of me but where my crown African nation/ anthrax and cocaine for the haters tho/ retrosuperfuture flow,
the recipe’s original/ shout out to my cohort AKB work city/ we the future Whitney Houston told me that so I just kill it/
Track Name: Voila (Prod. by RickBeatz)
Wild n*ggas in this bitch come and f**k it up/ daddy long stroke trust no bitch they set u up/ can u pay my bills? F**k outta here we celibate/ haters can u see me now? I live to celebrate/ 25 years, 25 degrees the look/ chicken bumps if u behind me, I’m fresh as I shud/ I know homie use to be homie now Pachanga/ welcomed u in my house gave u the job just to recall ya / now u sleepin w my name in ya mouth tryda do me dirty/ what goes around comes backaround fake homie hear me comin/ now big homie know who I be .. going in with no rubber/ offspring will hatch I make some fans of angry lovers/ cause that’s what haters be they mad at u, dunno the reason/ but by the minute u look back they smile, its golden seconds/ yeah its golden moments plannin to miss no show/ man they killed JESUS CHRIST whatchu think they’d spare me for?/

It’s that Voila / it’s that Voila / magic trickin on u ass make the crowd screamin ‘tada’/ I know they want my fly, they wanna be like I/ but it’s impossible the recipe is do or die/ (singin: I know that homie homie only wanna be me/ B*tch I’m Amazing B*tch I’m Amazing/ (x2) Get Ghost (there’s only one ME man) (x4)

Don’t mind the share of gossip, to keep’em entertained/ they say u lost ur fresh the day u aint wearin no chain/ I was the first to introduce u to that type of high/ chubby nigga on the scene the mockinbird my lullaby/ call me undertaker, cause buddies lie around me/ I don’t planna bitch no nigga but they turnin pussy/ hungry ass suckas only leech mo/ I had my share of judas guess I need me 6 mo/ they’d be happy to rat out for some nickels and dimes/ put a price above ya head I wonder bout that tag of mine/ hoo I heard he finally signed, f**k it he aint gonna will/ b*tch I’m not even in my prime, I kill the spot ask frenchfeel/ I been a host like its thanksgiving/ rented my soul cast spelling/ who my killer might be?/ that question need no answering/ thought we were moving forward, but guess I read the wrong note/ in the meantime I’m up there now b*tch give me my slo-mo/
Track Name: All Of It x Young Troy (Prod. by The Gym)
LOX schemes, my sprite pink #Jada/ the way I blow kisses my lady goes gaga/ they askin for a love song but I’m so Caillat/ don’t she worry bout my X cause she Sadat/ Aston Martin dreams the world should be ours/ Tony on my mind so whatever Is the hour/ imma go in and deep and the evil I devour/ f**k being sweet, I turn a wolf, Ridnour/ yep she want it all, my loyal and my truth/ don’t care about a sidechick, never raise the roof/ and if that shit caves in, I’m in good hands, she Allstate/ she got me? No man she got taste/ she chose me, nightmare on fifth ave/ the very murder shawty wrote man she kill swag/ she blazin half a stack on em heels/ if the
carpet’s not red enough the sole of her shoes will/ Squeal...
Track Name: Drugs (Prod. by The Gym)
I’m in Gucci Low, Crooks top/ Diesel shorts no flip flaps/ no swag intended, new born chic!/ inherit this, I was born a meek/ and imma warm yo b*tch if she cold/ subliminal shots miyaghi flow/ yes I’m darkskin does she glow?/ she wanna go fast but damn I spit slow/ she like’em brown just like my slacks/ woooh she on that black on black/ yeah I’m drugs f**k you I’m dope, tell’em haters ‘ get off my sacks’ / now where my crown, I swear I’m Queen/ London Bloke, my swagger clean/ I’m just the one guy they be lookin for, I’m guilty cause I stole the scene/ I’m Hugo’s boss, that been said/ f**k that press reset/ my fresh cued on brand new, ur style died on replay/ let’s resched, fixate, lost souls, Joseph, Lidster, exit, if my cards right I’m next Bitch/ on boooard on top I bring my Brain Gang we run the map/ I’m cooool I’m rock, don’t need no ice man don’t need no chap/ now the black men are in charge we in the House, believe Im Forman/ that Big H on the buckle is not Heroin that’s hermes/ I’m Drugs

I be the eastside, the westside, north motherfucker from soufside/ I rep this I kill b*tch, I make’em hits, and i up rise/ up up away like buzz/ Scotty beam me up/ and if it aint enuff I got the gold rush that drugs/ I mean That Bump, that microdot/ mercedes that moonrock/ I’m drugs/ That backwards, that china white, that air blast/ I’m drugs/ That jackpot, that black star, that superman/ I’m drugs/ That Chira, that nigra, that Tina /I’m drugs/

F**k my future and my past, if u hate me then, u dying now/ these other niggas lack class, they still questioning, they wonder how/ all these girls been over me, the flock is never stoppin/ mawf*ck u aint no saint so u just can’t tell me nothin/ Swagg is not a concept, it’s frontin/ I’m jumpin out the window everytime they back they lies and/ niggas in alliance, f**k it I’m a lycan/ I turn into a wulf, everytime I’m in the booth and/ young is amazing, half man half liaison/ might be the missing link, better yet I might be cuban/ attitude is proven no coupons it’s pure and/ u can the check the goods man its true dope insurance/ Niggas crew is hatemen/ I been saved, that’s Amen/ the xfactor in here, is im famous, they aint/ the first lie Obama said was to tell’em they
can/ turn into a Yes man/ but life is more a chess game/ niggas overdosin/